Uncommon Common Art is a non-profit organization that presents free public art and art education in Kings County.  This project is made through the generous support of provincial and local municipalities, business and community organizations.


Because the artwork is presented to the public free of charge sponsorships are key to our survival. If you are interested in Sponsoring UCA please contact us at uncommoncommonart@gmail.com


For your interest here are some ways you can participate -


1. Production Sponsor $1000 +

Your name or company logo will appear on the inside front cover of our annual publication.

UCA will recognize your sponsorship at all public functions, in all media coverage, and repeatedly thorough the season on social media.


2. Sponsor an Eye Candy Machine $750

Made in Canada, Beaver Machines will be filled with original art

Placed at the sponsors location for 1 year (June 15 to May 31).

Sponsors logo will appear on the machine’s signage

Eye Candy Machine locations appear on the all printed and digital maps

Eye Candy Machines locations and sponsors are highlighted in the first half of the guidebook


3. Sponsor an art installation $500

Your logo appears in the booklet on the page with the art installation,

Your name is on the installations sign at the site, and

Your logo and link is on the installation’s website page.

Choose the art installation you want to sponsor (first come first serve)

 Installations are up June 1 to October 30.


4. Sponsor with advertising space

1/2 page, 3 inches wide x 3.75 inches high $500 = $

1/3 page, 3 inches wide x 2.375 inches high $300 = $

Advertisements can be emailed to tdrahos@mac.com by April 30th, 2017

Ads should be to scale (see above for measurements) 300dpi as a pdf. or jpeg


5. Sponsor an Art Education Program

Art Education programs $150 each x _____= $