Artist stop

Sanna Rahola

Rahola is a Finnish fibre artist and designer creating richly textured compositions using silk, linen, merino wool and other natural fibres. Working with her artist husband Douglas Drdul they create felted and wood elements representing their shared love of nature. For more about their story visit



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Old Man's Beard


Like a canary in a coal mine the Old Man's Beard lichen is an environmental indicator of regional pollution levels.  Here in this Acadian Forest we can still find the reassuring signs of this beautiful lichen.  When we see the Old Man's Beard population increase we will know that our societal efforts to protect our air quality is having a positive effect.



1. Hwy NS 101 exit 11

2. Turn North

3. At the traffic light turn left

4. Just past Noggins park near the corn maze, park to the west of the store

5. Enter the playground area

6. Continue north along the fence

7. Follow dirt road past the pond

8. Continue along road as it veers left

9. Go past orchard on the right and shed on right.

10. Path on right begins soon after the shed.


N 45 05.056 W 064 24.503