Directions 1. Hwy 101 exit 10
2. West into Wolfville
3. Right onto Oak St. 4. Follow the paved street to the end of the dirt loop. 5. Located at the start of the walking path N 45°05'38.7" W 64°20'52.1"
stop Artist Installation 6
Zip Traditional sculpture relies heavily on an embodied experience of the work. The size, texture and forms share the same space as the subject and are experienced in the round. The presence of the work is often understood by questioning the relationship to the body: is the work taller than me? Is it more massive? Does it seem delicate and fragile? These questions show the negotiation of space that occurs between a foreign entity and the viewer. Zip explores a different type of subject/object relationship - the body’s response when it triggers the audio recording, especially when this happens unexpectedly. I propose it will bring into focus the immediate environment, as the autonomic response to surprise is an increased awareness of the surroundings. This installation sponsored by 27 - 30 September, 2018
Jessica Winton An advocate for art in the public realm, Winton often creates performative/sculptural installations to provoke civic engagement on socio-political issues. Her recurrent experience as a prop builder in the Film & Television industry has influenced her atypical approach to material usage. Having recently attained an MFA from NSCAD University, she continues to investigate the role of the artist in the public spheres we occupy. Her art projects aim to unwind public ambivalence through common metaphor and intriguing illusion. Her home and studio are based in Halifax, though her projects often carry her off into the streets, woodland and open fields.