Directions 1. Hwy 101 exit 10
2. Left on Grand Pre Road
3. On the right just before the bridge N 45.08432 W 64.302364
Artist Andrew Bilz and Brian Riley Andrew Bilz is an avid outdoorsman who works as a physiotherapist and counsellor often engaging people in conversations about health and life style choices. He believes that nature is a very important aspect of healthy lifestyle and has a strong therapeutic value. He wished to share his love and appreciation for nature by joining Brian on this journey of creative expression through the project ‘From this Spot’. Brian Riley is an artist living and working in Kings County with his young family. He works as a professional performance-based creator; developing projects for dance, theatre, and community groups. His recent passion is puppets, often focusing on found objects and natural materials for creating sculptures, sets and props.
stop Installation 4 From this Spot From this Spot is a site specific project that engages people with their surroundings through an interactive ‘I Spy’ experience. Hi, we are Brian Riley and Andrew Bilz. We would like to acknowledge that this project is located on Sikepne’katik land, and also that the rich fertility of the land is in large part owed to the hard work of the Acadian’s who built the dykes before they were deported in 1755. As residents of the area we feel a strong connection to this landscape and From this Spot is an effort to playfully share our experience and growing appreciation for this beautiful landscape and it’s exciting wildlife. We feel that nature has an important role in child development, having both worked extensively with children in outdoor settings, and were seeking with this project to create something particularly attractive for children, while also engaging the curiosity and interest of adults. From this spot enjoy the view around this ancient glacier-carved river that winds its way north-east towards the Minas Basin. Within this beautiful, natural work of art you will find nearby a magical storybook that will invite you into the lives of the wild creatures that inhabit this Gaspereau River valley. And perhaps, if you look carefully, you will find that these creatures are in fact surrounding you! This installation sponsored by