Directions 1. Hwy 101 exit 10
2. West towards Wolfville
3. Right on Gaspereau
4. Parking lot at end
5. In Waterfront Park on the south fence line GPS 45.092557, -64.358986
Artist Ray Mackie After long careers first as an art student, and then as a college instructor, I have spent 20 odd years as a production potter in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, where I currently reside. I spend my time making pottery, paintings, and photographs. Art is still my favorite way to occupy myself. I have no idea where I'm headed.
stop Installation Dancing in the Dark These rays (raja radiata) suggest an underwater environment when displayed in any open area. Even though they are "out of place", they look strangely natural. This fish is common in Atlantic waters, but because it lives at the bottom, it is rarely seen. I have taken liberties with the coloration. I think of them as self portraits because my name is Ray. This installation is sponsored by
Visual Arts News Magazine 4