Artist Installation
stop Directions
Music in the Wind Wind-harp
I have collected driftwood from the Bay of Fundy Shore to make the bow and neck of the harp. The sound box is made from meranti wood and poplar boards. The harp is strung with wire, much like a Celtic harp. Made birds and bird nests are part of the installation to incorporate the natural world element. Our location gets a fair bit of wind, and it is my hope that visitors will hear the sounds of nature and the music of the wind when they stop to visit. I am assisted with the technical aspects and carpentry by willing neighbours. This has become a bit of a community project, and looked forward to by many in our village. Twila Robar-DeCoste
Robar-DeCoste is an artist, illustrator and educator. She studied at Acadia University and holds a BSc, MSc and BEd. She is inspired by the beauty and diversity of nature and recreates that appreciation in watercolour, acrylic and pen-and-ink. Her work is exhibited in several galleries as well as her own Windsong Studio & Gallery in Aylesford. Please visit www.windsong-nature-gallery.comĀ for her story and the details of her craft.
1. Hwy 101 exit 16 toward Aylesford/Auburn/Morden
2. South onto Victoria Rd
3. Destination will be on the right
4. 1331 Victoria Rd

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22-24 September, 2017