Directions 1. Hwy 101 exit 10
2. West towards Wolfville
3. Parking lot onthe right across from Willow Park
4. Begin east (right) down the Harvest Moon trail 600 meters, 7 minute walk
6. There are 15 tags running east to west ending near Elm Street. GPS 45.094423, -64.348563
stop Artist Installation 2
Grove Opening conversation from us to the trees, we open the doors to reciprocity. Sending our thoughts to our companion species we build up relationships, acknowledging the importance of the work trees do for us and for other forms of life. Adapting to this attitude inspires respect, which is especially important not only in Kings County but Nova Scotia as a whole. Our province is harvesting acres of trees and brush to use as biomass, burning them for short term economic benefit and bulk inefficient energy. Prefacing pathways of friendship with understanding of our forests leads to a more harmonious, mutually rewarding relationship with our land. Slowing down and communicating with our local trees helps us to see the trees, not as inert firewood, but as living beings too. While we have always had a relationship to the land, it is through this project I hope that we can build a lasting friendship with the land as well. This installation sponsored by
Look Lighting Design
Ben Mosher Ben Mosher is an artist based in Nova Scotia who’s practice and way of making is both intuitive and meditative, they are informed by interests in forgotten histories and new ways of communicating. Holding an appreciation for the everyday written and visual forms of poetic language, these interests direct and inspire collaborative work and micro-communication systems.