Directions 1. Highway 101, exit 15 2. Highway 360 through the town of Berwick and cross highway #1
3. Continue South on Windermere Rd
4. Right on Hall Road 5. On left just West of 1976 Hall Rd
6. Stay on path N 45 00.764 W 064 45.913
stop Artist Installation 16
Row by Row Berwick defines itself as “The Apple Capital of Nova Scotia” in both it’s historical and contemporary vision. Living in the area I am surrounded by farmlands and a walk in any direction will lead me past a variety of orchards. Fields of old fruit trees, acres of trendy new dwarf varieties, stands of mature favorites and abandoned orchards of apple types that are no longer in fashion, surround the Town of Berwick. All of the trees, both old and new, are planted in long, neat, continuous rows. Occasionally, in the abandoned fields, you will find just a few old trees. If you stand in one perfect spot you can view the straight lines, but if you move to any other place the trees appear to be placed randomly. In that spot, you can picture what used to occupy that line of sight, which is a lineage of the area’s history written in fruit trees. The location I have chosen for my project was once an orchard belonging to the family that built our home. It is now a field of wild grasses and alders. I have reconstructed a few of those of trees, painting them different colors to depict the many varieties of apples that have been developed and grown over the years. The viewpoint (or line of sight) to see my project is from an old barn foundation wall. From any other viewpoint the painted trees appear to be randomly placed. Eileen Boyd Eileen Boyd studied Commercial Art and Visual Arts in her native Newfoundland. She then moved to Nova Scotia to continue her Fine Art studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Her realist works feature a variety of materials including acrylic, watercolor, oils, clay and concrete but the subject of her work remains the same; things that we see everyday but sometimes fail to notice. Eileen's talent touches all aspects of her life. She sees the world not just as a place to exist but as a place that she must enhance with her artistic energy and creativity. Recently retired from full time work Eileen now prefers to spend as much time as possible making art and working in her garden.
Eileen lives and works in Windermere near Berwick, Nova Scotia. Her studio / gallery is a converted Carriage House beside her 1870's farm house. Being surrounded by orchards, rolling fields and the Bay of Fundy makes the perfect setting for the artist and her work.