stop Installation 15
Directions 1. Hwy 101 exit 15
2. North on NS360 to Harbourville
3. Straight on NS360 crossing NS221 over the North Mountain to Bay of Fundy
5. Through Harbourville past boats 6. Follow left bend, up a small hill (Bay on right)
7. Stop at little church on right (3201 Long Point Rd)
8. Follow the path to the left of the church N 45 09.032 W 064 49.025
Lost at Sea This installation was created in remembrance of the ships and lives lost at
sea. It maps shipwrecks in the Bay of Fundy from 1800-present. The ocean has provided sustenance for people for as long as we have settled on it's shores. Trade routes for import and export have afforded us lives and livelihoods. Every ship of the thousands that have traversed the waters had a name, a crew, a cargo, an origin and a destination. When the lines between land and water blur it can all be lost. The balance between the power of nature and human perseverance is continually at play. This installation is sponsored by
Michelin Miyoshi Kondo Miyoshi Kondo developed a penchant for gouache paint while acquiring a BFA from
NSCAD University. Common themes explored in her work are how we function within, and relate to, our natural and constructed environments and our concepts of home. She resides in Wolfville, Nova Scotia where she paints and generally tries to keep everything else in order.