Artist stop

Kevin West

Kevin West is fascinated by the whirligig with its wind-driven design, a tradition of Atlantic Canada. A folk artist, West allows his celebration of whimsy to flourish in his designs, creating intricate mechanical structures commissioned by many. He is president of the Charles Macdonald Concrete House of Centreville Society.


High Water


The predicted three meter rise in sea level will have consequences here. This piece employs automata to demonstrate what our future may hold.


Directions 1. Hwy 101 exit 13
2. South towards Kentville
3. Left on Route 1(Evangeline trail)
4. Veer right on Cornwallis St NS341 E/359N
5. Follow NS-359 towards Halls Harbour
6. Signs to the Charles Macdonald Concrete Museum N 45 07.570 W 064 31.370