1. Hwy 101 exit 12
2. South to Kentville
3. Left on Route 1, Evangeline trail/Main St
4. 19 Main St, Kentville
5. Hike west down the trail 800 meters VANS/UCA artist in Residence
Installation 12
Getting Back to Nature Botanical illustration is a medium in which plant life is deconstructed in order to be analyzed. In this piece I have taken several of these illustrations and re-constructed them into one work, so that each plant is interacting with each other - although in a much sloppier way than these plants interact in real life. Putting this embroidery in the environment which it depicts creates a direct contrast between how we deconstruct nature for our uses, both literally (using wood and cotton to construct the work) and visually vs. its natural existence. The choice to stand in front of the embroidery to look at it will obscure your line of sight to the real nature that the embroidery is meant to represent. You’ll be able to immediately compare the difference in experiencing an artist’s representation of nature and being in nature itself. This installation sponsored by
Alex Mann Alex Mann is an embroidery artist and screen printer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In partnership with Visual Arts Nova Scotia, she is the artist in residence at Uncommon Common Art for 2018, working on a large-scale embroidery piece. Her practice is heavily influenced by scientific prints and diagrams from the nineteenth century, and works to bring their aesthetic and use into a modern context.