Artist stop Ursula Handleigh
Ursula Handleigh is a Canadian-based artist working with experimental photography, film, and alternative processes of image making. Her practice explores questions of identity, perception, memory and kinship. Using experiential photography and the personal archive as a foundation for exploration, her work addresses the ways in which we create personal histories, while challenging traditional methods of documentation. Handleigh is a candidate for a Masters of Fine Arts from NSCAD University and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University. Her work has been exhibited across Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. 10
Watermarks Using littoral shorelines, the spaces between water and land, to create ephemeral documentations of site and sightlessness, whereby images are generated by the land and develop within their atmospheric surroundings. 
Directions 1. Hwy 101 exit 11
2. Hwy 358 towards Canning
3. Continue onto NS-358N turning into Pereau Rd
4. Right on Stewart Mountain Rd
5. Along the shoreline of Houston's Beach, at the foot of Stewart Mountain Rd N 45 12.871 W 064 21.962

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