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Sounding the Trees I hope this project will change people's perceptions of trees through walking a prescribed path and sounding the trees. After hearing the individual voice of a tree, perhaps the observer will not see a tree as potential lumber, fire wood, or something that is in their way. They will maybe see trees as inhabitants of the Eco system with an intrinsic worth unrelated to human needs, and as distinct entities each with its own particular sound. I would like people to be able to take time in the woods to listen and think between the sounds, to slow down their perceptions and see the depth of the trees existence. To see how the tree is integrated into the environment, how it benefits the animal population and fosters other plant species in the forest. This project is a chance for people to see the woods differently, and a chance for me to atone for some of my ancestors wearing of the land. This installation is sponsored by
Nathanson Seaman Watts, Law Firm
Kentville, NS 1
Directions 1. Hwy 101 exit 10
2. West towards Wolfville
3. Left on Sherwood Dr
4. Left on Pleasant St, park your car
5. On foot to the swimming beach.
6. Walk along the path between the 2 ponds.
6. Across the ponds where you intersect another path. GPS 45.086345, -64.341640 Artist Brenda Sheppard Brenda Sheppard was born in Wolfville and has lived most of her life in Kings County. Educated at three Nova Scotia Universities, NSCAD, Acadia and MSVU, which have provided creative perspectives on how to live. Working as an art teacher in the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board with student artists gave a unique and privileged view of the energy and ideation in their creative process. The student's insights and various ways of seeing, perceiving and appreciating the environment and social situations they found themselves in, was inspiring.