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Josh Collins

Josh Collins is trained formally as an architect, receiving his Masters in 2011 from Dalhousie University. Since graduating, Josh has aspired to cultivate an integrated practice ranging from construction to poetry, from process drawing to environmental studies, from theatrical performances and set design to teaching courses at a university level. He has worked on a freelance basis at an urban scale ranging from twenty unit buildings (both doing design and construction) to tiny homes and public sculpture competitions. He has worked in a rural context ranging from bridges and greenhouses to atmospheric lighting installations.


His practice maintains a fundamentally environmental focus; using the operative capacity of NOISE and lessons from acoustic ecology as an evocative method for gathering and processing the complexity of environmental conditions and establishing the basis for constructive abidance (or dwelling). He also maintains substantial emphasis on the role of LIGHT, relying both on the potency of its phenomena and on the sheer optimism and open-ended playfulness that it demands.




Horizons in Environmental Pilgrimage This work looks to explore our relationship and exposure to the sky, how we ground ourselves within the landscape, the fluctuations of tides and the weathering of natural materials over time. The fullest experience requires patience; arriving before high tide and staying for several hours.

1. Hwy NS 101 exit 9

2. North straight through the rotary, past school

3. Continue on Oak Island Rd, 1.4 km from rotary to old rail tracks

4. Park and walk (left) on tracks towards the Gaspereau River about 7 minutes

5. Installation is on the river to your left   before the old railroad bridge


N 45 06.505 W 064 16.076