Brief History


In 2005 and 2006 Terry Drahos, Pat Farrell and Nicole Evans created a series of public art sculptures in Wolfville that are still affectionately known as “the twig people”.  It was an intriguing project that gave the community a stronger sense of visual art as something to experience and enjoy in a playful and public way.


In the spring of 2006 Terry Drahos developed an idea for a series of art installations in nature.  Two years later, thanks to an invitation from Bob Hainstock the founder and then chairperson of the Alliance of Kings Artists (AKA), this seedling project became a reality.  Through the help of AKA, Drahos was able to apply for funding and recruit sponsorship from TAN Coffee, and Uncommon Common Art was born.


Rooted in the concept that there are aspects of our environment all around us that often go unnoticed Uncommon Common Art invited eleven artists to participate in a community-based series of environmental art installations. Artists were asked to create an original art piece in nature that in some way would ask the viewer to stop and pay attention.  Whether on private or public property, all art locations were to be accessible to the public.


A large, full color poster/map, photographed by Ernest Cadegan, featured all of the art locales on one side and information about each individual art piece, the artist and the sponsors on the other and Uncommon Common Art evolved as a kind of cultural scavenger hunt.

After five years under the umbrella of AKA, in 2012 UCA formed its own non-profit society.  With an eye towards future growth, this has allowed us to focus more strongly on artistic merit, financial stability and sustainability; expanding our audience  and establishing organizational consistency.