Call for Curator: Temporary Public Art Exhibition


DEADLINE : March 30, 2018


Kings County, Nova Scotia

Uncommon Common Art is seeking creative and innovative proposals from curators for a temporary public art exhibition to take place in the summer and fall of 2019. Uncommon Common Art is requesting proposals that detail a curatorial vision for the exhibition and the development of a theme.



This curatorial position is open to experienced professional artists and curators who reside in Nova Scotia. Curators must have at least a 3 to 5 year history of prior curatorial work and/or production of exhibitions. It is required that the curator has the resources to travel to various locations in Nova Scotia.

Deadline for submission: March 30, 2018


Project Background

Uncommon Common Art (UCA) is an annual site responsive art project that brings visual art out of institutions and into rural communities of Kings County, Nova Scotia; between June 1 to October 31. This free event, which is starting its 11th year, highlights the exceptional location of the Minas Basin Valley. UCA Guidebooks leads residents and visitors to explore the art installations in our communities, nature trails, and country lanes. Our projects expand the relationship of art and nature, and constantly work to make visual art and physical activity a more important part of life in Kings County.


Project Timeline

• Deadline to submit curator proposal: March 30, 2018

• Announcement of selected curator: April 30, 2018

• Artist Talk and public introduction of 2019 curator: July 25, 2018

• 2019 Call for submission posted: September 1, 2018

• Curator and Jury review submission: October 28, 2018

• Announcement of 2019 participating artists): November 30, 2018

• Artists, curator, directors planning meeting: February, 2019

• Artists planning, design and fabrication: January-May 2019

• Installation and activation: beginning June 2019

• 2019 Curator artist talk: July 3, 2019


Project Goals

The successful curator will ensure the following are met:

• The development of a clear concept for the 2019 exhibition.

• To increase engagement from public art stakeholders and the general public.

• To expand a broader understanding and engagement with Uncommon Common Art’s projects and programs.

• The engagement of the Nova Scotia arts community to participate in UCA 2019.

• Availability to meet with participating artists and attend artist talks

• The curator should be accessible to the Creative Director.

• Deadlines set out in the annual production schedule.


Curator will be responsible for participating in artist selection, helping to coordinate artists, review of grant applications, delivering 2 artist talks July 25, 2018 and July 3, 2019, assisting in educational programming, assisting in the selection of artwork sites, as well as supporting promotion and communications regarding the exhibition. Curator will work closely with the UCA Creative Director, Terry Drahos.



Curator fee will be between $1000 and $5000 depending on the success of grants and fundraising. Artwork sites will be selected based upon the curatorial theme and in collaboration with the director of Uncommon Common Art. Documentation of the exhibition, installation of the artworks and any required site work, will be supported by Uncommon Common Art.


Curator Selection Process

Applicants will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

• Quality, creativity, and innovativeness of the curatorial vision

• Relevant experience of the curator and proposed artists

• Relevance of proposed idea to the Kings County, NS community

• Clearly stated goals, approach, and outcomes/impact

• Evidence of strong artist relationships and project management skills


How to apply

Submit the following via email to, Subject: Call for Curator Proposals.

1. CV

2. Short bio

3. Contact information

4. Detailed curatorial vision for the exhibition and theme for the 2019 season.

Selection of curator will be made by the UCA creative director and representatives from the Board of Directors. Applicants may be called to interview with the UCA directors before final decisions are made.