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Education is a fundamental part of the annual Uncommon Common Art (UCA) project. UCA works with area schools to promote love of the outdoors and visual art.


August 4 to 28 - UCA Art Education Exhibit at Hardware Gallery in Kentville
Opening Sunday, August 4, 2 to 4 pm The exhibit will include artwork by students from Landmark East, Glooscap Elementary, Port Williams Elementary, Wolfville School, Dwight Ross Elementary School, and Art in the Garden summer camp. Join us on Sunday, August 4 to celebrate the opening of this exhibit of future Nova Scotia artists. Dear Teachers and Principles, This year the Uncommon Common Art project has raised funds in order to offer an art education opportunity to grades primary to 5 in King’s County Elementary Schools. We hope that your school may take advantage of this funding and have one of our professional artists visit your classrooms this fall. This is a great opportunity for Uncommon Common Art and Kings County elementary schools to work together to expose children to outdoor art. Costs for this project are $150 per classroom. Uncommon Common Art will cover 2/3 of this cost with each classroom contributing $50 for the half day art experience. Uncommon Common Art looks forward to making art with the children of King’s County. UCA Board of Directors Uncommon Common Art Education blog