UCA is fortunate to have a diverse and dedicated board of directors Mike Cusson, Nicole Evans, Genevieve Allen Hearn, Ian Palmeter, Scott Olszowiec, Julie Glaser, Isabel Madeira-Voss, Dick Groot, Candice Dunn, and Wes Booth. Without this group of art lovers UCA would not be possible.


Uncommon Common Art (UCA) is a community wide art exhibit that highlights two of Kings County’s greatest assets - the natural beauty of the Minas Basin Valley and the abundance of creative people who live in the area.


This innovative seasonal project brings visual art out of institutions and galleries and shares it directly with the community, making it accessible to everyone. UCA was born out of a simple observation of the sometimes subtle and beautiful impact that humans have on nature.  While we are inundated with news and information about mankind's negative impact on our natural surroundings, this project promotes and recognizes our creative and beautiful touches in nature.


This might refer to the way a child at the beach may creatively stack a series of rocks and leave them for the next beachcomber to find, or how a hiker may pick a bouquet of wild flowers and leave them as a present for the next person on the path.  The installations in this project are gifts from the artists to the observers of nature to find, explore, talk about, and share.


Through this project we hope to engage and educate about art, environment, physical activity, and our rural community. In addition we seek to promote, support, and bring together artists and their work.


Good for the community and the soul, this project takes people to places of beauty literally and figuratively.  It allows people to explore their own “backyard” with a sense of wonder and fun.


UCA is a seasonal project that is launched in mid June and ends in mid October.  In addition to the installations there are ancillary activities. In June we have a project launch to kick off and celebrate the artists and their work. During the summer art activities take place at the Art in the Garden camps at the KC Irving Centre, artist lead workshops, and in the fall we deliver art education in schools.