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Jessica Lynn Wiebe, performance art work as part of

2017 Uncommon Common Art

May 6 and 7 9:30 am

We will march from Camp Aldershot at 0950 and will follow the Rail Trail to the Acadia War Memorial located in front of the Acadia Athletic Complex in Wolfville, NS.  This is approximately 14 km's. Jessica will carry a 55 pound concrete sculpture

of a sandbag in her ruck sack. Participants do not need

to carry any weight but water and a hat is suggested.


The group should reach the Acadia Memorial between

1230 and 1300. Here, we will build a makeshift trench

wall along the existing war memorial using 100-200

sandbags. Members of the military members and veterans

are invited to lay down sandbags with Jessica.


See Change Conference

Jessica Winton,  Acadia University, Patterson Hall, rm.107

Sun May 21st from 9:50 - 10:10 am

Day rate attendance now available at



Uncommon Common Art in Kings County:

a healthy co-dependency


The See Change Environmental Learning

Conference—EECOM 2017 is coming to Acadia

University in spectacular Wolfville, Nova Scotia,

May 18-21. Explore how innovative learning inspires a deeper connection to nature and more sustainable lifestyles and communities while supporting a life-giving planet.


Under the Sustainable Communities program, previous UCA curator, Jessica Winton will give a guided overview of this unique annual outdoor art exhibition, which occurs with varied artistic approaches in a multitude of locales. The UCA Project has become enmeshed in the psyche of the county, representing a social and environmental collaborative project that is supported by local artists, businesses and councils of the region.