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We are now a CRA registered charity. Curatorial Statement 2018
The locations of the 2018 Uncommon Common Art installations are defined by the geographical boundaries of the Bay of Fundy. To the east, the Minas Basin is renowned for its extremely high tides, while the northern and southern borders of the Annapolis Valley’s agricultural communities are defined by parallel mountain ranges. The vast grandness of this environment, combined with the natural power and raw energy of the tides, creates an overwhelming sense of the sublime. This year’s theme, Lines of Site, refers to the movements and transitions within this landscape. Historical nomadic pathways preclude modern lines of railways and highways. Along with other temporary, ephemeral lines, these sites blur divisions between past, present, and future, and reveal the complex connections between environmental lines, geographical lines, historical lines, bloodlines, and timelines. This year, the selected artists have created site-specific art installations that respond to Lines of Site within the Valley and its surrounding regions. - Kate Ward, 2018 curator After eleven years of presenting public art and education the Uncommon Common Art Society is now a registered charity. What this means is that we can provide our donors and supporters with a tax deductible receipt. You may deduct -
75% for total annual donation amounts between 0 and $400;
50% on total annual donation amounts between $400 and $750;
33% of total annual donation amounts over $750, for a maximum credit of $650 per year. If you love the art and education we present help us to continue this free cultural event by donating.