2018 opening Saturday, June 16 1. Nicole Evans / Patrick Farrell
2. Kim Morgan / Bruce Anderson
3. Marla Benton
4. Brian Riley / Andrew Bilz
5. Bonnie Baker
6. Jessica Winton
7. Ben Mosher
8. Ericka Walker
9. Genny Killin
10. Lorraine Morgan
11. Kevin West
12. Alex Mann
13. Carrie Allison
14. Dyan Hatanaka
15. Miyoshi Kondo
16. Eileen Boyd
17. Twila Robare-DeCoste Curated by Kate Ward
Photography by Ernest Cadegan
Directed by Terry Drahos
 a unique art opening in 3 parts 1. Start at Carrie Allison’s art installation “Site” from 1 to 2 pm at Miners Marsh in Kentville. Begin part one of a three part silkscreened image. Bring your own white t-shirt or buy one at the first location to start your art making journey. 2. Next, move on to Ben Mosher’s installation “Signal (Related)” from 2 to 3 pm at Pond View Park, 55 Chambers Close in Wolfville. Pull the second part of the silkscreen and watch the image emerge. 3. To finish, head to Marla Benton’s installation “Tunnel Vision” from 3 to 4 pm at Domaine de Grand Pre. Enjoy a wine tasting and complete your silkscreened creation. The NEW UCA 2018 guidebooks will be available at all 3 locations.